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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 1-11-2004 at 3:04pm
i know a lot of you have been inquiring and i really haven't had the time to get back to this so...

yes, i am fine (thank you much) & my poor car has $2400 worth damage to it... seems like the engines fine so thats good.

everything else has been okay, schools been fine.

Wished upon a star?:shooting :0)
Found a lucky penny?:heh the Jew in me I pick up pennies everywhere lol.
Had a dream come true?:dreams are always coming true
Been in love?:still am
Broke someone's heart?:i'm sorry.
Had sex with a stranger?:nope
Been turned on by some one of the same sex?:if by no you mean yes :0P
Skydived?:1 year we're going!!!
Bungee jumped?:i've been on the skycoaster
Snorkeled?:& scuba dived!
Lied to a good friend?::0(
Danced in the rain?:and gone mud sliding <3 Blue Ridge
Had sex on an airplane?:ha. that would be terriby inconvenient
Swam with dolphins?:in Ft.Myers
Donated something?:absolutely
Stolen something?:stupid stuff, not from stores or anything :0P
Made someone cry?:i hate it because i know this is how i feel when someone else makes me cry.
Achieved a goal?:i always find myself suceeding a little more
Made a snowman?:in Switzerland <3
Loved yourself?:yes

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