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pinkpenguin (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2002 at 7:53pm
Current mood: blank
Music: counting crows-long december.
Subject: if you think that i could be forgiven, i wish you would.

Bah. I had Jess over. We made Christmas cookies and listened to Christmas music. For three hours. That's a long time. But it was fun.

I bought a Swirl dress the other day. Another one. Yes, I already had one, and I bought another one. I don't really know why. Just because. They're fun.

We're going to Florida during Christmas. I don't really want to. Well, I kind of want to go to Florida, but not during Christmas. It's supposed to be snowy on Christmas. Florida is not snowy. And we are going to open our presents before Christmas. Before we leave. Which is wrong too. =( What am I going to do on Christmas? Go out and roll around in the SAND?! Last year I went out in my PJ's barefoot and ran around in the snow with my kitty. And then Stef and Mom locked the door. That was fun. Even though I don't like snow, I still think Christmas is not Christmas without snow. .....Oh well. Maybe I'll get tan..or something. More like..burned..but whatever.

So yeah. That's all for now I guess. Hmmm.... yeah. bye bye.

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