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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2004 at 6:53am
Current mood: scared lost sad but happy
Music: angel - sara mclachlan and the boy's gone - jason mraz
Subject: the boy's gone home
i don't know why god took him away from us
he was so young, so pure, so wonderful
everyone had a piece from them that was a part of andy, and that piece is gone now
some of us were his best friends or his family, and other's rarely knew him
but the schock and horror of losing anyone who is that young, hits a part of us all
i wish i could be more comforting to the ones i care about who are greiving through this time...but i find myself not comforted, and doing the same.
i didn't know andy very well, but i know he was a wonderful guy, and a great swimmer
he made the love of my life happy because he was such a great friend, and now that he's gone...chris doesn't have that great friend anymore...but he has all the memories and the great times they had together...
i wish i would've known andy better, although i didn't, the fact that he's gone still hurts...
i mourn for my friend kristy, who was andy's love...they were a perfect fit, and i know that she made him very happy, while he did the same.

it's hard to believe that something like this can happen, especially to the people we know and love...Harper has lost 3 kids in the past year from car accidents...i just pray none of us lose another.

i'm scared to let chris leave anymore, and i'm scared to see my friends walk out the door from school...anything can happen...just like it happened to andy. one second they're there and the next second they're gone...i couldnt' bear to lose a friend that close to me...

i pray everyday now, for the strength to know that everyone is safe, and that we are all in God's hands...but Andy was why did he have to leave?

there's a reason for everything, but it's going to take sometime for me to realize and believe that again...i don't think i'll ever be the same...but i'm going to try to live everyday like it was my last...cuz that's what andy did, and he has everything to show for it.

i pray for andy, his friends and family, and i greatly respect all the support for chris and my other friends that are going through this time :-) (thanks kane)...

May God be with andrew as he sails among the angels and watches down over us all...

He'll always be our Superman, the one to save our lives and watch over us, and we'll never forget him.

Rest In Peace Dear Andy...we miss you <3
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