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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2004 at 8:18pm
Current mood: mixed emotions
Music: i have taking back sunday stuck in my head
Subject: why me?
hey...these last few days have been reat but bad at the same time. last weekend was boring (except for friday) and this week i have been jam packed with last minute projects i have been assigned and studying for midterms and regular tests. i have also beed dealing with a bunch of other crap. things have gotten worse with brian. he is going out with this girl who i CANNOT stand. she is WAY preppy, shes a poser, looks like a mouse, she is just evil. i hate her. so he is going out with her AGAIN for the third time. but he doesnt really like her so he is gonna break up with her tmrw. and he is depressed because "he loves me and he cant have me." i was just like whatever...he isnt gonna get me. its not my fault i havent fallen for him and i never will. he needs to get a hold of himself..he is just wasting his time. there is something wrong with danny even though he swears there isnt anything wrong but i can so tell that there is. brittanie (is girlfriend) asked him but he swears nothing is wrong....but i have a gut feeling that something is wrong. plus im trying to figure out what to do about this really sweet guy named Craig. he likes me but im not sure if i like him like him. he is perfect (except for one thing...he isnt that cute) but i just dont know if i like him. i dunno what to do. blondie seems to be doing okay....she is still having some problems i think but at least she is doing better...thank god...i hate it when she is depressed. emilee and i havent had a fight in forever...we get along great now. we are going to the skating rink this friday with Ronnie and Jason and Brittanie maybe. if britt cant go then its just us with the guys...hey no complaints there...even though it would be really great if britt could go. i love hanging out with her..she is one of my best friends along with sara and emilee. brian used to be...but i just dont know anymore. then on Saturday i have court's birthday party to go to and then i spending the night at blondie's house!!! yay!!! lol. this weekend is gonna be pretty cool. anyways i got things i gotta do so ttfn.

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