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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 1-16-2004 at 6:12pm
Current mood: loved
Music: The Beatles- Dizzy Miss Lizzy
*newsflash* KIKU KISSED ME!!! *dies* ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

...Okay, technically it was a dare, and technically it happened two weeks ago. But I haven't updated in forever, so it counts as a newsflash ^_^
We're currently chatting, via AIM, and according to what she said, I guess she loves me, too...

"But...I suppose I've been thinking about this for a bit, and I wonder...if we're scared of it, how will we ever get anywhere? How can we call ourselves bi if we're not willing to take a risk or two? And, even if we don' emotions during school, which I think is best...I just can't imagine anyone saying anything at like a store or movies or something...just a thought..."

...I love her so much... ^_^

And now Elliott's all pissed at both of us, cos he also likes Kiku and apparrently is a homophobe... *sigh* And Safi and Susan are their usual nosy, bitchy-friend selves. Susan god-fucking set us up yesterday, resulting in me at Kiku's house cos Susan "couldn't come". Couldn't come my ass. *deathglares Susan* Grr...

So, thus life goes on in the world of Ari's life... Yeah...

Have a fic... (set in Seattle, for those severely deprived poor souls who don't know where Pike Place Market is)

"I'm sittin' in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination..." A black-haired young man sings, playing along on an acoustic guitar. Its case lays open on the ground next to him, waiting for passerby to drop money in.

A group of teenagers walk by, chatting. One of them, a rather short girl with long light brown hair, wearing a shirt with obscenely large ruffles on the sleeves and an inordinate amount of jewlery, stops to listen. "Oh hey, he's playing Simon and Garfunkle!" she cries, fishing a five-dollar bill out of her pocket and dropping it into the case. "I compliment your taste in music," the girl says, grinning at the street performer. "Thanks," he replies. Damn, that girl looks like something out of the sixties. Guess history really does repeat itself.

A tallish young man, probably about eighteen from the looks of him, walks up. "Hey, Sirius" he says, leaning against a nearby pillar and taking a long drag on his cigarette. "James." the musician pushes long hair out of his eyes, looking up. "Where's Lily?"

"Still at her stall." James replies, moving as though to grind out his cigarette on the street.

Sirius glares, a low growl forming in his throat. "Don't you dare. It's bad enough with you smoking, but you are not going to put that out on the sidewalk."
James raises an eyebrow, walking with an exaggeratedly slow gait to a nearby trash-can. "Happy now?" he asks sarcastically, pushing his round glasses up his nose.

"Yes." The long-haired musician pulls his guitar's case closer, removing the money he has accumulated. "I think I'll go find Remus, see if he's ready to go." He puts the guitar in the case and closes it, stuffing the money into his pocket. He stands up, pausing a moment, then looks up suspiciously at James. "Hey..." he asks, "Shouldn't you be working?"

"Just got off my shift." the young man replies. "I'm supposed to be picking up dinner for Lily." he rolls his eyes, sighing. "'Spaghetti, tomato sauce, no cheese. And no cheap imitation sauce, either.'" he quotes, imitating his red-haired wife's voice. "Damn, if I'd known pregnant women were this demanding, I'd never have had sex with her in the first place."

"Ah," Sirius smiles, eyes dancing with mirth, "Yet another of the many merits of being gay." he grins. "Speaking of which-" he checks his watch, "I'd better go find Remus. It's getting rather late."

James nods. "Alright then, see you tomorrow." With a wave, he is gone, heading for the small street-corner Italian restaurant nearby.

Meanwhile, a fawn-haired young artist sells his works at a nearby stall in the famous, or perhaps infamous, Pike Place Market (home of the Fish Jugglers, and epicentre of Seattle culture). This artist, known by the name of Remus Lupin, is a patron of the style commonly termed "anime", and his art is most commonly bought by young fans of the same.

The jewelry-bedecked girl who had recently given five dollars to Remus' boyfriend, for that was indeed who Sirius was, was there perusing his wares, along with her friends. "Hey, Kiku, look at this!" She says, gesturing towards a painting of none other than the infamous Maximillion Pegasus. "Hm?" The Japanese girl turns to look where her friend is pointing. "Awesome! Pegasus-chan!" She reaches for the price tag, then sighs. "Damn. It's three dollars more than I've got left."

The long-haired girl reaches into her pocket, pulling out three dollar-bills. "... Um, here... I've got some money left..."

"Oh, no, it's okay..."

"Ah, c'mon. You've hardly bought anything all day! And if you really feel that bad about it, you can pay me back later."

Shrugging, Kiku takes the money. "Thanks, Ari."

"Um, I'd like that one..." she says to Remus, pointing to the painting of her beloved Pegasus.

"Alright." he hands it to her and takes the money. "Oh shit!" Ari looks at her watch, something close to panic surfacing on her face. "It's almost five!" The group takes off running, heading towards a bus stop.


"Hey, babe." Sirius saunters up, guitar case held in one hand.

Remus looks up from the money-box. "Hey. About time you got here." He stands up, pulling on a tattered coat. "Where were you?"

"Talking with James. Or rather, listening to him gripe about Lilly." The young man rolls his eyes. "It's a wonder the two of them can stay together."

"Yeah..." Remus finishes clearing up his stall, putting everything into a large canvas bag. He sighs happily, feeling Sirius wrap his arms around him. "Dinner?" the black-haired young man asks. His boyfriend laughs softly, in that understated way of his. "You're always hungry, love. But I can't say I'd be adverse to a little food myself."

"Pizza alright?" Sirius murmurs, breath soft against the other's ear. "Fine by me." Remus replies, and they set off, hand in hand.
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