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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2004 at 9:22pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: the sound of nemo in the other room
Subject: not much...
hey...sry i havent updated in a while...i need to blow off some steam and i didnt want to do it all on here (too much typing). yeah brian is making things ten times more difficult then they need to be. thats a LONG story...i wanna call him and just see if we can talk this through but he needs to see that ppl arent always gonna deal with his sh!t. and im not giving in...even though im really worried...about something. yeah for some reason i think danny hates me. i know he talks about me behind my back and i just dont think he likes me very much (as a friend of course). abby is being really snippy and stuff and i wanna strangle her right now...maybe she is PMSing. lol. i think amanda (the nice one not the evil one) got mad at me yesterday becuase i snapped at her...well she was asking me stupid wuestions and asking things that were none of her business and being really rude so of course i snapped at her...and i wasnt in a good mood to start with. you know wut...i know a lot of people would get really upset if i told them this but im gonna right it down anyways. i kinda want to move...but i also dont. i really want to just start over and forget about all the people i dont like and stuff and just start my life over...but i dont want to leave my friends and everything i know. like my friends and stuff like that. anyways well im tired of typing so im gonna go. but ttyl.

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