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pinkplayboi1433 (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2004 at 8:14am
Current mood: wanting someone
Music: taking back sunday
Subject: my day

omg mal i soo feel like what i told you bout

andrew! its so wierd. and in a way its soo

cool. well ne way my day was awsome,

kinda. i woke up at brookes house and tyler

called. "hey guys were going to the bowl,

you wanna come"? and we said " ya sure be

there in an hour". so we went to the bowl.(

for thoses who donot know i the bowl is a

place behind the boquet park. all it is, is a

bunch of dirt bmx jumps.) so we went, did

our tricks and after we chilled at 7 11. and i

saw everyone! its was soo trippy. ya then

brooke and i went to my house. we listen to

music and looked for concerts to go to. we

found some! ya and that was my day! ( o ya

and i talked to andrew, hes the guy i like.)
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