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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2004 at 11:39am
Music: AFI
Subject: Insignificance
Whatever you feel it doesnt matter
Whatever you say nobody cares
the world keeps spinning in all its confusion
Your pain goes unnoticed by all but thats fair.
because you live without recognizing them or the way that they feel
because you have to protect yourself, your vintage reputation of steel.
You act like being different from everyone at school will one day make a difference but thats not really true
you can dress, talk, be just like everyone else these days
as long as when it really matters you can act to change the entire world's ways.
i know that i stand no chance alone to change what i think is wrong but one day maybe you will think back to this and join me so i am not on my own.
the world needs desperately to see through these eyes
instead of thinking about who should rule over their lives
government is an unnecessary force said to keep control over people
but everyone knows right from wrong so whats the problem? it's that simple
i admit there are evils in this world that can tempt some to do wrong
but politicians are some evils, thats where government came from.
this need to cease and decist right now
so we can truly be free to live the way we should know how

wow thats terrible
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