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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2004 at 2:11pm
Subject: boredom that led to sadness
2003 Favorites
Movie?:i dont have many favorites
Album?: The Mars Volta~De-Loused In The Comatorium
Song?:Evanessance~My Immortal
2003 Events--- which changed your life?
For the better?:moving out
For the worse?:going to college
For the better?:realizing how much i need my family
For the worse?:realizing that its too late to to feel close to my extended family
For the better?:working at Mongolian BBQ
For the worse?:losing my brother
Has made you a better person?:i havent become a better person this year
Has made you learn so much about yourself?:going to college
Has made you actually want to die?:everyday after 2/7/03
Has made you feel so alone and afraid?:its obvious
Has made you want to die with happiness?:nothing. havent had a very happy year
Still on 2003 events... Which one----
Have you learned the most from?:
Will you always remember?:nick
Will you tell your children about?:nick
Are you trying to forget?:nothing
Are you laughing at yourself for?:too much
Makes you sad when thinking about it?:blah
Causes you the most pain?:the last time i talked to him.. he said something right before i hung up..and i didnt hear what it was and i wont ever know
Brings tears (of joy) to your eyes?:nothing
2004--- It's already here!
Can you actually believe that it's 2004?:NO
Are you going to be writing 2003 on all your checks and papers?:its already been done
How did you celebrate?:wine in red frosty mugs with corissa and jen
Were there fireworks?:nope
Did you actually make resolutions?:absolutly not
Did you, or are you going to stick with them?:nope
How long do you usually?:never normally make them
What time did you fall sleep on New Years (night/morning)?:uhhh really late i 5 or something
More 2003
What was the most important thing that happened to you in 2003?:i hate this survey
Are you going to remember that forever?:yes
Will you tell your children about it?:yes
Was it fun, happy, and beautiful or dark, painful, and terrible?:hmmm. the worst pain ive ever felt in my life times 100
Do you believe in wishes?:? yeah..what about them
Did you wish on a shooting star in 2003?:probably
Did your wish come true?:nope. it cant
Did you throw pennies into a fountain?:nope
Did your wish come true?:nope
Would you tell me what you wished for? If so, what?:that i could take places with Nick
Do you always wish to be happier?:not always just now
Do you wish on someone you love?:do i wish on them?
Do you believe that they will come true some day?:no

2003 Reflections brought to you by BZOINK!
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