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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2004 at 5:16pm
Current mood: depressed
Dude ive tried to update this thing sooo many times....but tiffs computers bein gay and also i dont have one no more....nothin muchs been goin on might move back in with my mom im not really sure......i swear i fuckin ahte mrs perna she was sayin today something i dunno she was just complaining and she goes "like you do at home" and i was like "OH REALLY.....LIKE I DO AT HOME.........ARE YOU THERE WITH ME EVERYDAY??? I DIDNT THINK SO, AND IF YOU WERE YOU WOULD KNO THAT IM THE ONLY ONE THERE FROM THE TIME I GET HOME TILL LIKE 1 OR 2 IN THE MORING....SO UNLESS I TALK TO MY SELF OR MY CAT THEN YOUR WORNG AND FRANKLY ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUISNESS WHAT GOES ON OUTSIDE OF THESE DOORS IN MY LIFE SO DONT ACT LIKE YOU KNOW CUZ TRUST ME YOU DONT KNO THE HALF OF IT!!!!"

i fuckin hate that woman....and im so sick of everyone acting like they kno me....honestly they DONT yeah my dad seems to have a problem with that too.....i just wish i was dead. seriously. well anyways im gonna get off here before i get even more pissed.........

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