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Dukespartnerincrime (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2004 at 6:53pm
Current mood: lazy
Music: harry potter song in azkaban preview
Subject: "ChIcKeN!!"
something wicked this way comes! do do doo doo doo do doooo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dooo dooooo.. dooo.. dooo! when you sing to that it is the first part of the harry potter theme song. its the right amount of "do's". i just watched the azkaban preview and i love it.oooo. Anypoop today was funny me and jessica and marilyn laughed really hard at lunch and then our stupid so called friends came over and just talked to themselves and stared and then walked away. and the whole time we were just laughing. it didnt stop our fun! no no! i swear they wouldnt know a good joke if it hit them in the fucking face. They just dont know how to have a good time. And they dont laugh enough. Its good to laugh! Its healthy. And u can develop abs as Jessica would say. lol. hhee heee funny. richard simmons. o no heeeere we go. mrs. gurries is evil! shes a really bad teacher and she doesnt know how to give our class test. shes so flaky and unorganized. I hate when it the week when progress reports or report cards come out and she tells you "oh, i need section review pg. 567 by the end of the day" and its like...HELLOOOOO WHEN THE HELL AM I GONNA DO!? AT LUNCH. NO NO NO! asshole. anyway i wrote in my real journal (like a paper one u know) about sarah and i wrote about all the fucking stuff she does. and i dont know but i might have said "SARAH IS THE MOST FUCKING STUPID PERSON. I HATE HER. FUCK FUCK FUCK!" atleast 15 times. well she was pissing me off for being so stupid. And today! oh my goodness!! Her and stephanie were doing this stupid thing in history. They were saying things like "harry grapes" or what not. If they really think they are having a fun, good, quality time with their friend then they are fucking idiotic. And they also were copying off my history notes. I have to do everything. But today i had a strange feeling to do all the work and be the smart one. But tomorrow I'll slack off and make them do the work and copy off their fucking notes (unless they are really bad notes) and see how they fucking like it. Bitches. O well. I'm not going to let them get in the way of the fun stuff in life. NO sirey! (sp on sirey) Im hungry and Joe is sleeping on the couch and its really cute and my uncle has really good internet connection. I want this eMac so bad. I had a dream about nathan. I hugged him and i guess he liked me too b/c we wouldnt let go of each other and we were just standing by the cabins in Yosemite and he was wearing his red sweater (the one that he was wearing in my picture of him). Ahh good times. I want a dream about kevin clark. I wonder if you can make yourself have dreams about stuff. that would be cool if sometime in the future somebody made some thing that would allow you to program your dreams. It would be so nice. Since dreams are so real. It sucks when you wake up at the best part. But that always happens to me so i am used it. But it still is pretty shitty. yeah okie dokie. im done and im sick of typing. O yeah and i also hate when sarah says "chicken!!!!!" and when people spell with upper and loser case letters in the same word LiKe tHiS. its hideous and gay. and that fucking nicole girl from q of a. i also was writing about her in my real journal. Bitch. shes so stupid. and sarah said she didnt like jason b/c jason liked nicole and now she wants to go to the movies with her and stephanie and lynn on friday. and they were gonna invite jason but not me! or marilyn or jessica! they were talking about that in jewelry class yesterday right in front of me and THEY KNEW i was listening and could hear them. yet they didnt take the fucking time to say "Oh we are gonna go to the movies on friday, louise, you wanna come too?" Not that i would say yes. Whenever they invite places (on the rare ocassion) i usually say no even if my mom says i can go. And i never feel bad after i tell them. Unless marilyn or jessica were going. then i would go b/c i wouldnt want to hang around them that much. I really don't like when they come up to us at lunch. I really really dont like that!!! fucking poos. If they just ditched us what is the fucking point of coming back to us 10 minutes later to say hi and then walk away like the fucking, slutty idiots they are? Fuckers. Little whores. I hate them i hope they get pregnant with some ugly guy then he leaves her when she gives birth to the baby and then she has to live in the ghetto some where and sleep with ugly, fat, beer bellie, skanky guys for money to pay for their kid's meals. And then burn in hell for their wastefull lives.
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