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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2004 at 8:23pm
Current mood: upset
Music: never heard of it-veronica
every part of me wants him. he wants her, and they're perfect.
no no no...can't he see that IM the perfect one. how many late night phone calls we've had, fun adventures to where ever. i've always been able to tell him what's on my mind, but lately i'm scared. he knows how i feel, he told me he'll always have feelings for me too. so why aren't i the one he holds hands and shares kisses with? why do i want to scream whenever i see them together. it was never this way before.
i should have never kissed him back.

he hurt me so bad. like no one ever has before. why do i still want him? why am i still intimidated when i'm around him? he says he's sorry, he tells me all the time. he says he knows he messed up. i want to believe him, and i think i do. he tells me he loves me, in a joking way...

i am not a pretty girl and it will forever be my demise.
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