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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2004 at 12:23am
Music: son, ambulance - katie come true
Subject: and then...
talking to nat tonight. a lot of honesty. a lot of realization of anything that was there and everything we were to eachother. i miss her so much.


i smell like bari and bari has a bracelet and i have her pocketwatch

and i haven't been talking to lucy nearly as much as i did or have. and i sort of feel bad, but it's feeling more and more right to just...... let her be and move on. not in a nikol-way of me meaning that, but in that the whole "i love you, i miss you, when i get my license i'll come visit you" just doesn't seem real or right anymore. and maybe it's cos i haven't seen her in so long and it's almost hopeless to have whatever we had, or that we never had it to begin with

ned (12:24:48 AM): maybe you both just realized that talking all the time about how it used to be is monotonous.... she'll always be aroud. shes just got better things to do than live in the past.
caffienatidjazz (12:25:05 AM): as do i?
ned (12:25:40 AM): indeed
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