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MizzPunkRockPrincess (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2003 at 9:38pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Saliva*Click Click Boom
Subject: Band
am actually really really really starting a band. Me, Morgz, Ree-ree, and Kel.

Me- Guitarist/Back Up Vocals/Writer
Morgz- Bass
Ree-Ree- Drums
Kel- Lead Vocals

I've already made two songs. Well, the lyrics. I still need to put the beat together. You know how it is. I have it in my head, I just can't put it onto paper until I get my guitar. Anyways though...

People really like my songs. They think I'm a good writer... Oooh.. How intriguing.. Lol. Yeah. I don't want to start this whole little thing where people think that I'm a poser and I give punks and outsiders and guitarists a bad name..

That really hurts people, you know. I mean, say that someone told -you- that you sucked at what you did... That would be horrible, now wouldn't it? I think it is. That's why I don't put people down by telling them that they suck. Unless they truthfully suck at it...

Luecky went on another date with Jessica... I hate her right now... She took my best friend from me!! Evil Bitch! I *must* kill her....

::Laughs and Grabs a knife from cutting block::..I'm not crazy..Just a bit pissed off...

Speaking of Cutting, Kel was trying to slit her wrists today. And she did it with me not being there! I swear, I hate her... I don't think she should slit her wrists, but maybe something like legs, forearms, hands or feet. Anything but her neck, wrists and face...

She of my best friends. I love her to death. And I really don't want to see her get hurt or anything. Cause if she does, I'll die...And if anyone else hurts her, I'll hunt down that bitch/bastard.. ::evil smirk::.

Anyways, Over And Out For Now..
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