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MizzPunkRockPrincess (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2003 at 9:42pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: None
Subject: Blah
La La La La La La...Da de dum dum dum!

I am the best. My mom thinks that she can outsmart me, but no no no, she can NOT! I am the dominate female in the family and I will remain that way..

She thought that if she took me to a hairdresser, then that would make me change my mind and dye my hair blonde. But no no no.. No blonde hair for Jordan. At least not yet....Hopefully. But anyways, my hair is too damaged because I put Black and Brown in at once, then did it again, then tried to put red streaks in it...

I already have horrible hair, I'm not letting them touch it anymore!! It has just HORRIBLE split ends...I don't know.. I just might DIE! Ha ha. J/j. I don't care. I love split ends. We play with them in Algebra.

I missed Bri-Bri. She just got back the other day and I haven't got to see her yet!!! I won't get to see her until Friday the 9th either. Since I'm gonna be..Gone Gone Gone! Muwaha..

Went and saw Ree-Ree. She's sick. She was in all blue...funny. She's ree-ree smurf and I'm Flody Smurf..

Flody Flody Flody. I can't believe she actually went to the movies with me Kel and Court! Surprise Surprise!!

Can't wait to go on the cruise, but I leave on Kel's B-day.. NOOO. My B-day is in...14 Days!!

I turn 15.. I don't my dad a different age and he believed me!! It was so funny. Shows how much he knows about me, eh?

I got this big talk from him and my step-mom when we went to Kansas last weeked.

Talking to Kyle about losing his Virginity... which I still haven't lost.

Kel said that Luecky and his girlfriend were doing it last night. I don't believe her though. Cause I called him and asked him and Aaron just said that they ALMOST did. Very funny conversations.

Trev got a journal here. I already posted a comment. I guess he stole my "Over and Out" thing? Though it's not really mine... Sure?

Still pissed about the Amanda thing.. Can't stand those people now. Oh well, I'll eventually get over it.

Bri Bri didn't believe that I was going to Mexico. Cause I told her I was moving there and she was all like "WTF?!" then I told her I was just kidding. So now she won't believe me. But oh well, when I'm not at school on Monday-Thursday, maybe then she'll believe me =].

Well...Over And Out Ya'll!!

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