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MizzPunkRockPrincess (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2004 at 9:43pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: None
Ha ha. Name not really right, but it's still OK. We're on the ship going to Mexico. It's really really weird feeling too!!

I tried to call Kel and tell her Happy Birthday, but NOOO, she doesn't even want to answer her phone when I call...

It is so awesome here. I've got two new friends, Zac and Katy. They're both from Texas. It's awesome. They're really into alot of the same stuff as me.

I miss everyone at home. Some girl just came up to me, she said I look alot older than 14!! Ha ha.. I'm so awesome. Not really...

But anyone who reads this...Hi! I miss you!!!!

AT dinner last night, me and James were sitting next to each other and the people were going to take a picture, so I leaned over by James and they thought that we were together! It was sooo funny!

I don't really know what to say!!! It's so weird.

Our drive was sooo long. It was 9 hours to Galveston and we stayed there for 2 days. We went surfing and swimming, which was really fun. Then we rented this buggy thing and rode over 2 miles!!!!

Can't wait to see everyone again!!! Bye!!

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