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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2004 at 12:38am
is it possible to get mono more than once?

last wednesday i fell asleep at 4pm and woke up at 6am (when i had to get my bus)
yesterday i fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 12pm today (snow day)

anyways. all that sleep leads to interesting dreams, eh?

caffienatidjazz (12:32:30 PM): i had a really really weird dream
MisaSoupe (12:33:29 PM): you probably had a lot of them, but tell me
caffienatidjazz (12:34:17 PM): it was like.... two guys, a retarded kid and a huge retarded black guy, following me with saws and guns and shit through this evil-candyland-esque-circus-y version of the lville campus and i was just like, backing up away cos they weren't running, just following and being weird and i dont remember much about that one.
caffienatidjazz (12:34:18 PM): then
caffienatidjazz (12:34:22 PM): all of the sudden i was home
caffienatidjazz (12:34:34 PM): and lucy was unconscious on the floor
caffienatidjazz (12:34:48 PM): and my parents were like "Wtf is this an affair or something?" and my dad was really really angry with me, just staring with that ugly ugly angry look he does
MisaSoupe (12:34:48 PM): hmm...
caffienatidjazz (12:34:52 PM): and so then we had dinner
caffienatidjazz (12:34:57 PM): then lucy woke up
caffienatidjazz (12:35:08 PM): and we made out a lot then i realized she was on some sort of drugs
caffienatidjazz (12:35:32 PM): and her mom was there (i have no idea what her mom looks like. here, she just looked really really evil in a womens buisness-suit thing with a briefcase)
caffienatidjazz (12:35:49 PM): and i told her mom lucy was on something and she refused to believe it then took her away
MisaSoupe (12:35:50 PM): heh...okay..
MisaSoupe (12:35:58 PM): hmm...
caffienatidjazz (12:36:01 PM): then the house turned into adam sussman's house
caffienatidjazz (12:36:06 PM): but no lighting
MisaSoupe (12:36:12 PM): funny how that happens...
caffienatidjazz (12:36:16 PM): and my dad was in the shower and i asked what the hell just happened
caffienatidjazz (12:36:25 PM): and he was like i dont know but i smell so i'm gonna take a shower
caffienatidjazz (12:36:29 PM): then i woke up
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