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noonecanknow (profile) wrote,
on 1-30-2004 at 9:59pm
once again i have stumbled up to a obsticle in life. some have been large some have been small. i dont think this is the biggest but it is definallty one of the hardest. i really miss him so much. i am about to cry just thinking about it. thats how bad it hurts. then again ten times worse than you can imagine. i am going to do something he asked me to do, i dont want to but then again i do. i am going to because i love him and i know if our places were switched, that he would do the same for me. some day these barriers wont be so hard, not nessacaryly dealing with him, but life in general, because he is always in my heart, he has become that little voice inside my head agrueing if my judgement is correct, as much as i try to block him out he is always there, in a way that is okay, because i would be far off worse if he wasn't. he may not always think the world of himself. but he has always meant/been more than the world to me. i love him, plain and simple.
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