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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 1-31-2004 at 12:12am
Current mood: excited
Music: Catch 22
I forgot to mention. I got a car. Finally.

It's a 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo, Luxury Coupe with a 305 V8. It sounds sweet, but its really an old piece of shit with 150k miles on it that needs work; but I'm still stoked to have a car. When they made them in 84, there was the Luxury, or the SS. The SS has the same engine, just bored out to be a 350, and also has a cooler front end and rear bumper. I'm probably gonna go to the junkyard to get an SS front end and rear bumper to make it look better and then paint it to match. The Luxury model is the same basic car, but with the front end, it looks like an old grandma car..... a fast fucking granny car. When I get done with it and am ready to take it on the road (April 10th, hint hint), it's gonna be one bad motha fucka. Paint job, new wheels, white walls, rockin system, SS parts, flowmasters. Oh snap!
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