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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2002 at 1:49pm
Current mood: schooly
Here in school now, it's 1:49, just thought you should know... I am in the library typing this, I have golf and we're gonna suck. Sing it with me now, "suck suck suck suck suck...we are going to suck. Greenvilles gonna kick our arses because we suck, we suck suck suck." Yeah, that may have been stupid, but its definetely true. It also isn't gonna be good because it rains,which means the ball is gonna sink, whatever. I hope we do well, yeah, it isn't gonna happen!!! Oh well. Anyways, i can't wait to get my hair done tomorrow. I was called a "rebel" today because of my shirt, maybe i am! I'm sitting next to STinko (jessi) and she's got some major stinkage issues! j/k
Oh yeah, Ryan's word of the day for all you readers out there, is---
hub-bub. Yeah, thats right. As in- "what is all this hub-bub about now?"
Well, I'm out for now. P.S.- I am sooooooooo hungry right now, it sucks!!!
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