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theintervoice (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2004 at 2:01am
Current mood: anxious
Music: OuTkAsT
Subject: Lights Out on Division Street
Hey buds, wats up

umm i just got back from work

i made 7 dollas, but spent it on QUIZNOS, meat ball sub baby

heres my day bitches:

i woke up at 11:00 AfukinM

i then installed red bulbs on the back of my car
(tommorrow i'm installin the neons lights)

after that i went to the movies with Renee and Jackie, we saw The Butter Fly Effect....good movie

then i went home, and headed off to work

had fun, and Ricky, Alex, Gina, Michelle, Amy, and like 4 other people came by to visit me, they all then left

Me and Pat are gunna be playing a live show soon so i'll keep u guys u0pdated ON the arrival of powerline

other then that today was a good day but now i g2g i'm sneaking to go play guitars with pat
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