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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2004 at 9:28am
Current mood: hyper
Music: baby got back - sir mix alot
Subject: hmmmm.
i'm realy realy hyper this mornin i dunno y?!? it's all good though. last night didnt' go well but it's all good i guess atleast until i talk to one of them today. I really like him n i would hate to loose him, n i would like to keep courtney as a friend but she takes everything so literal n it kinda bugs me alot!?! y does she do that?!? I BUGS THE SHIT OUTTA ME!! guess we'll see today it depends how much of her shit i can take be4 i got off on her. i understand that kahliegh may have a hard life n i might to but i dont' make my life hard n i'm shure she doesn't either. but aww well she's not one of my friends so i don't care. i do wanna say that i luv every1 who's thurr 4 me i luv ya till tha day i die no matta what!!! o by tha way hi mike! i'm talkin to this kid that alicia knos heehee!! neways i'l lbbl luv everyone

~ LiL t
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