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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2004 at 7:52pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: rancid- and out come the wolves
Dude...this weekend was kool in some ways and gay in others. Gay cuz when me and Tiff were on the phone with Tom i kept crying....i don't really kno why....its just hard because i really really like him ALOT. I dunno tho i mean i think i would be okay if i knew we would end up as really good friends....and not JUST friends, thats not enough, but him being someone i can talk to, ya kno??? But oh well i guess im not good enough for anyone so i might as well just die. I wish i could. Seriously tho i was thinking about like, everyone whos ever come in contact with me they're lives would be much eaiser if i just died. I was thinking of everyone and all the ways it would, and for some people i could only think of one, but still thats one, combined with all the rest. Well im gonna get off here for now.
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