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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2004 at 5:09pm
Current mood: confused!!!!!!!!!!!!
Music: i am shady - eminem
today was good cept taht i found out that ty told venessa n kendra n april that i " gave him head n jacked him off" first off that is a LIE or ya he told them taht he didn't want me to either that i just did it LIAR!!!!!!!!! ok no nothing like that happened everyone knos what happened now he's just lying!! i seem to have a problem with liars this week!! i dunno y he would say that shit but i did nottin like that i'ma good girl 0:-) heehee ( tha perfect lil angel ) but w.e that's only one part kahleigh told me that he was makin fun of me n i think i kno y but that's a totally different story.. next problemfrank n david are gonna get strangled they can't seem to keep there fuckin opinion to themselves. i'm tired of them callin me a "skanky ass hoe". last poblem eric is lying n he's tha most against it... he told renee i said he was flirtin wit her sista i just sid i don't think he sould be friends wit her cuz she's not tah nicest person but neway ya!! i hope everything gets better!!!! elyse - music is good, lying is bad!!
<3 ya'll *mauhz*
~LiL t
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