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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2004 at 7:06pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Something... The Used
YAY! I'm dating this guy that some of you may know. Ryan King. We dated almost all of freshman year and decided to give it another chance since we're still friends and are interested in each other. So far so good tho. I'm like totally happy. I'm finding out that he cares more about me than I thought. And he might go to Swirl even tho he hates dances. Ally will go with me but then I'd have to hang out with a group that doesn't really care to see me or talk to me. But yeah. hehe. Still in a great mood! hehe He just said he'd go with me to swirl! YIPPEE!!! yay! hehehe. so excited. I could seriously jump off the walls. *giggles* I believe he really cares alot about me. this could be really good. I'm not expecting something that chris and i or james and i had. Just something fun and maybe even something that'll last. *shrugs* but as long as we're both happy and everything it's good. :)
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