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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2002 at 12:45am
Current mood: bored
Music: brown cows
the world seems so weird right now
its like the times are shifting
like the suns in the wrong place
your name is something i cant recollect
but i remember your face
the world seems so strange right now
but everything remains the same
i dream about you day to day
but i still cant find your name
the world seems so odd right now
the people just don't understand
the world is spinning just as it should
but they see only what they can
the world is so errie right now
to take a walk down the street
to make eye contact with a single soul
one in which you'll never meet
the world is so cold right now
with hate i cant comprehend
the broken hearts of lovers world wide
and none in which i can mend
the world seems so empty right now
loneliness strikes them all
they know each other; many known well
but none worth of which to fall
the world seems so soft right now
with the lovers touch to ease
to find a calming scene in mind
like a warm summers breeze
the world seems so scary right now
familiarity doesn't exist
innocence is taken away too fast
from what started a simple kiss
the world seems so distant right now
the safety we can't find
the strangers can cling to one another
but the blind cant lead the blind
the world seems so magical right now
anything can be done
dreams can come true and we can conquer all
only if we have found the one
the world seems so perfect right now
the sky is as blue as it needs
peace and love exist everywhere
and evil is doing good deeds
the world seems to end right now
there's nothing more to say
inspiration only flows for so long
...until another day
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