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GxIoNxA (profile) wrote,
on 2-4-2004 at 3:25pm
Current mood: exhausted
Subject: O MY .....
Well I haven't been online cause I have been so busy doing some stuff for last weekend.For those who know Pillowcases.It was great. Friday I went to school and school was school then I came home grapped my stuff n left got to church and they rolled my hair for something later that night.Then we left around 6:30 and went up tp San Jose.It was so much fun.We went to bed at 3:00 and then got up at 6:00.I cleaned the kitchen cause it was driving me crazy and I swept the hall.I met some new friends from saint Catherines.It was kewl.Then Saturday we all did alot of crying.During our free time me n Justine went outside by the lake and talked about some things.She cryed the whole time. Then we went back to class.WE had mass and confession and I let it all out it was so nice to have the best feeling in the world.Then Justine went in later that night and she let some things out I was there for her when she went in and came out.It was awesome.Then I prayed over her with Ily and Fern. Then she fell and laid there for 20-25 mins. It was great. Then I went and I feel and laid there for about 10 mins. Victor and I swept the kitchen and went up to bed at 3:30. Then the boys tryed pulling a prank and one of the adults ruined it it was funny what happened. Then we woke up around 6:30-7:00 and had breakfest.Jason came backup which was awesome to see him. Then I cleaned the whole upstairs and then we had a testimony thing. I made justine give hers I stood up there with her. I was so Proud of her. lol. Then this kid got up and gave the best testimony ever. If u wanna know ask.Its alot to type.Then we came home and had church and I came back to my house n went to bed it was alot of fun my whole weekend.Well I'm really tired I hope everyone had a good weekend. Love yas
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