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ashlieandtinasbytch (profile) wrote,
on 2-4-2004 at 9:02pm
Subject: Ashhhy and I's conversation
BaByBCuTe34: haha no
Shanon Jensen: fine =[
Shanon Jensen: mommy...
Shanon Jensen: where do babies come from?
BaByBCuTe34: haha uuuhh..
BaByBCuTe34: storks :-D
Shanon Jensen: really??? chelseas mommy and daddy just had sex!
BaByBCuTe34: haha
BaByBCuTe34: eww
Shanon Jensen: how do the storks bring the babies?
Shanon Jensen: do you have to buy the babies first?
BaByBCuTe34: umm.
BaByBCuTe34: iiii dont know..
Shanon Jensen: what if you get an ugly baby?
Shanon Jensen: can you send it back?
BaByBCuTe34: no
Shanon Jensen: because grandma shouldve sent you back...
Shanon Jensen: im jk mommy youre sexy
BaByBCuTe34: hahaha
Shanon Jensen: if some random person read our conversation they would be thinking something f-ed up right about now
BaByBCuTe34: haahhahaha
BaByBCuTe34: yeah i know
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