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mrhall (profile) wrote,
on 2-4-2004 at 10:56pm
Current mood: giggly
Music: Rush - Leave That Thing Alone
Subject: Yes I am giggly
Yes children, it is me again, Mr. Hall. I need to repeat something that is very important to me...and should be very important to you. I love you all. That is correct, I love you. Except for are very bad and don't do your readin, yes you all know which people I'm talking about, and I would like you to give a detailed paragraph on why you disrespect me and don't do your reading. Please make sure to take any sheets BEFORE taking your seat or I will punch you or make you smoke with me. I will now announce you long-term assignment for the year which is to attend the Rush tour as they are the greatest band ever, so great in fact that their existence negates any music ever made...period.

Why are you still reading THIS?!? do some real reading!
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