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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 8:18am
I see: the comp.

I need: tha rumors to stop n my life to get on track again. my tru friends to stick by me

I want: 4 people to shut tha fuck up about me!

I have: elyse,heather,janielle,april,allyson,megan, kendra, kelci, lauren, leslie, courtney r., and ne1 else i 4 got i'm srry those r my girls who are by me all tha way!?! i hope.

I love: Brad (even though he don't trust me) n all my friends

I hate: life

I miss: 6th grade nobody fought this much

I fear: all my 8th grade friends leavin next yr i'ma cry! :'-(

I feel: betrayed and confused

I hear: silence

I smell: nothing

I crave: life to be right again i need 2 kno who's there for me n who's not plz tell me!

I wonder: why people lie


last cigarette: i don't member

last car ride: home from xtreme

last good cry: a week ago

last library book checked out: don't go to tha library

last movie seen: Tears of the sun :'-(

last book read: the giver

last cuss word uttered: fuck u bitch

last beverage drank: root beer

last food consumed: ice cream

last crush: brad

last phone call: frank last night damn u frank!!

last tv show watched: good morning america

last time showered: an hour ago

last shoes worn: my kswiss

last cd played: black cd mix

last item bought: water

last downloaded: Eamon-don't want u back

last annoyance: frank!!

last disappointment:courtney! damn girl we used to be inseprable now e fuckin enmies

last soda drank: root beer

last thing written: fitz notes, hw

last key used: house key

last word spoken: lol

last sleep: last nite

last im: sean SolitaireDrums [8:05 AM]: blah im tired cos i aint had my coffee yet

last ice cream eaten: mint chocolate chip

last time amused: my mom givin me advice about friends omg i laughed so hard

last time wanting to die: last night, nothing was right, n my mom was threatin me with all this shit

last time in love: brad! i kno u don't think so but i was

last time hugged: last night

last chair sat in: the one im in right now

last lipstick used: coconut

last bra worn: white lace i'm wearin it rite now

last shirt worn: my joe momma shirt

last webpage visited: my journal


1.who are u? taryn

2.what are you doing while filling this thingy out? thinkin about how my life is fucked up n talkin to sean and aj

3.why are you filling this out?cuz i'm bored n i was gonna make a journal entry but i'm lazy so i'm answering questions

4.what room are you in? front room

5.who is your bf/gf? i was goin out wit brad but he neva cared so i was single tha whole time n to think i stayed tru to him i bet he didn't stay tru to me

6.where were you born? cape coral, fl old are your parents? 43 and 45

8.current music? the way i am - eminem and next i am shady - eminem thing u would change about yourself? my choices in friendz and i would be taller are you today? tired but it's only tha morning so today will prolly be worse so i will pissd at tha end

11.what did you do today? nottin yet i'm goin to school

12.what time is it? 8:32

13.what time did you get up this morning? 7:10

14.did you eat breakfast? nope neva do

15.if so, what did you eat? nuttin

16.what did u eat for lunch? prolly gonna eat nachos since i do everyday!!

17.who is your fav rock band? nickleback or trapt

18.who is your fav rapper? eminem or nelly

19. would you like to sleep with someone that goes to your school? not really

get scared easy? nope

cry a lot? nah

get hurt easy? ya mentally not physically unless heather's beatin me up

have an enemy? yup

pretend to not care bout someone when u really do? all tha fuckin time i hate it elyse n bobbie n heather all kno who i care about alot that i really don't wanna care about n they should slap me course i can't tell courtney that she might tell that person

~ LiL t aka: Shorty!!
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