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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 8:36pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Eraser - Smile Empty Soul
Subject: He's still ruining my life.
On February 1st i called my brother because it was his birhtday. We talked about what a lot of brothers and sisters talk about: what new rumors are going around school (him and i dont go to the same school anymore but just about everybody knows me and i like to hear what ppl are doing and saying), what hes been doing lately, what major events are happening soon, and what are the new dramas in the family (i am technically not a part anymore, the only person that i talk to on my dads side is my brother. i refuse to talk to anyone else). But this time it was a little different. He nearly came to tears while begging me to apologize to Dad for something that would be pointless for me to apologize about. He said that he knows that Dad wont apologize cuz ''Nothing is his fault." He said he knows that Dad had absolutly no right to do what he did to me, but Dads reason was because I Made Him do it. He said that he is tired of getting caught between all of my step moms and Dads arguments cuz of everything that Dad has to done to me.

Again, I feel that it would be pointless for me to apologize for something that i didnt do.

But I also feel that i have to save my little brother.
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