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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 8:47pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: kill hannah bored. Yeah. Anyways....hmmm. Dude i can't stop thinking about Tom....i like him sooo much. I feel bad, he wanted me to come over yesterday but i was getting ready to leave so i didn't :( i hope he didn't think i just didn't want to. Anyways....dude i was walking home today in the freezing rain and my hair froze....literally....its insane....i pulled peices of ice of my bangs lol but yeah nothing ever goes on in my boring life i don't know why anyone would bother reading this.....hmmmm. I think im gonna change the color. Anyways....yeah im gonnna be gone for a week in florida/georgia. I don't really wanna go but only bcuz i dont want to go without seeing Tom and TIff and Erica and everyone else lol for a WHOLE FUCKIN WEEK god damn but hey my grandmas gettin old....and yeah i love her so i'll go. I got the new Kill hannah cd and lost prophets cd today. YEah. I like Tom ALOT. well hey i gotta go i don't kno why but im starting to get really pissed off probably cuz of my "family" yeah thats usually the reason....they can all die for all i care ( my dad especially....i dont kno why he thinks i hate him, but im starting to) so latter kiddies-
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