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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 9:44pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: television
Subject: Mike's mother...
I have so much animosity towards Mikes mother I really couldn't even begin to explain it.. She pisses me off so bad and I cannot stand her. She sits there and acts like she loves the baby but she is such a bitch that she doesn't even buy him a birthday present, show up at his birthday party, or even allow John to go! I mean my god how rude can one person be?? She sits around sewing all the time.. like PINK bottle covers or doll clothes.. HELLO her 1 and only grandSON is not a girl ... it's like she is waiting to her precious daughters to have her a granddaughter or something! I hope she isn't holding her breath because one doesn't even want kids and the other one is just an idiot and doesn't even have a b/f or anything close. I remember one time I found this Mickey mouse blanket laying around the house and I grabbed it to use for the baby and I put it in his crib and like not even a day later she took it and I later saw it in a drawer in her room ... how mean is that!? She totally annoys me when she gives her little advise or makes comments about when I am gonna feed him breakfast or tell mike not to talk to him the way he does.. what's it to her?? I wouldn't exactly call her mother of the year and its not like she does anything to help me so why the hell would I want her two sense?? She thinks the father should have to do anything like 2 weeks ago there was a diaper on the back porch and she told me I forgot it there and when Mike said that it was him that left it there she was like well no that it was my job and she never made their dad clean up anything after the baby and then she said it was part of keeping my baby clean... OK??? lol I keep my baby clean.. where the diapers get thrown away is like totally a different subject. Well, anyway that thoroughly pissed me off, the fact that she still thinks its the 50's and women have to do everything.. I am fortunate that Mike does help me and is still around and now why would she want to try and stop that?? It's none of her business at all... I hate the way she still tries to control Mike's life too.. he is gonna be 20 years old in a few months and she still like tries to run him and like schedules appointments and stuff. I feel sooooo sorry for mikes dad though MAN!!! That poor guy, he is like the nicest guy and soo funny and that ungrateful bitch doesn't even treat him like a husband. I'd rather see him find someone else! He works 12hr days and he can't even come home to some dinner on the stove, he always has to worry about like picking up some chicken or something and on his only day off what do I see him doing?? His own laundry.. she doesn't even do that! GOD I could really go on and on but I am so sick of even talking about her.. I'm gonna go try to calm myself <3 Kayla

-Oh and if this jerk comes between me and Mike... oohhh that will just be the last straw...!! ohh yeah.. lol she wont even "allow" us to sleep by each other over there.. haha we have a kid together!! WERE PARENTS LOL... haha oh well ... bye!
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