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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 11:56am
Current mood: disappointed
Music: coldpaly- inmy place, yellow, ect.
Subject: wow, the life she leads...
Alrght, the reasons Im disapointed, well my friend did someting the other nigt with my other friend, and it made me...ashamed i guess, but i dont know. Im ok with them being them, Im really ok with that. but the fact that they went that far (not sex or anything even close to that...) just kindof makes me 99% bitter teards them. I know its her choice i really know that, and this seems like a stupid soap opera and it probably is, but, ah i dont know. Well life other than that s calming, we got out of school early today becasue od rain... ha ya rain, they had fear of "flooding" wo it was great. I came home, played my guitar, and listened to some howie day, jason mraz, john mayer, and dave mathews, i elt very alternative was calming. horay for life. live it to the fulest. its amazing what one leads their life as.....skrew it all (in a good way mind you)
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