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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2004 at 5:03pm
Current mood: embarrassed
Subject: The Most Embarrassing Thing Of My Life Has Happend!!!
Omg... OK! I went to Mikes for the weekend on Friday night. Friday was good we didn't do much but then on Saturday afternoon me and Mike were having sex in his room when all of a sudden......... HIS MOTHER WALKED RIGHT IN!!!!!! oh and did I mention we were totally nude??? yeah well any way I hurried up and put my hands over my boobs and closed my eyes so I couldn't see her we were both facing up so I put my legs like in front of us so she didn't see anything else important. Ok well when she walked in she just stood there until Mike broke the silence with "mom, were naked." So then she walked out and said "pack her stuff, she's going home!". LOL my god ... hello!!! Like I said in the last entry.. WERE PARENTS together and Mike is an adult.. if he wants to have sex with his g/f / his baby's mother ... who the hell cares?? She shouldn't care so much, it's none of her business what we do in our sex life. But we did leave.. and we came here to my house and just spent the night here last night. IN THE SAME BED TOGETHER! With NO harassment! LOL My nana realizes that it takes sex to have a baby and obviously me and mike are sleeping together.. lol what does she think? I didn't hear her send me home when the baby was born.. lol ok well this was the single most embarrassing thing of my life.. haha
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