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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2004 at 3:52pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: Rufio-In My Eyes
today i woke up and my throat hurt all sucked..and it still hurts...i went to church and ditched sunday school cuz i dont like my teacher at all..and then i just came back home..playing some guitar....then jesse pops up and tells me all bout his conversation with cherise and how she told him on the phone that she loved him and all this stuff...then geoff comes up and tells me bout how him and caity kissed and how they held hands and his dad got all excited...and then javy tells me that he was all holding erica's hand and hugging her and stuff. in some way u could say im annoyed...but now a way..not in a mean way though..but i kinda feel like they are rubbing it in my face..its like they are trying to say " HAH i got a gf that i can kiss and hug and hold her hand and u dont cuz ur a loser" i basically feel that way...all i can do is just sit and listen to there stories...oh well w/e...the carnival leaves today and thats'll come back next year ..and the year after school tommorow and i think im going to the movies with harminee and some more ppl but i have no idea...maybe if my momma lets me...well see..for now im gonna look for some tabs and waste the rest of my life myself..
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