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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2004 at 10:47am
hey girl...yeah so i'm officially 1 yr and 4days into my relationship w/ Randy! the 6th was one yr.! i told Renee laast night on im, and she said she was happy for me...and get this, "proud" lol.
anyways, so right now i'm in marine biology, and i have a sub! woohpde-friggin-doo. i'm kinda in a bad-slash-i'm tired as.... mood. josh and sara are doin well, Matthews got croup, whatever that is.
the madre is still being a trying to find the smallest dumbest things to yell at me for...i'm really considering moving out, don't know where i'll go, but i'm leavin. dad's okay he recently
went phyco over something i said to him that Josh and Sara have said to me about mom, that she preaches to us but b/c she showing no fruit, how are we supposed to listen to her? and dad just started
yelling @ me saying not to talk to him, and that i didn't know what i was talking about, and i'm the last one to talk...blah blah blah. I told Randy about it, and wev'e decided that we think that dad's in denial
that mom (currently) is going to hell in a handbasket, b/c he's not doing anything to help her, or make it better. plus i'm really getting tired of covering her ass in church. her friend Tishala and her husband
Mike started coming to our church and like she's always asking where mom is and i have to be like, she's home, she's not feeling well, she's got a see where this gets frustrating...
(off topic) i didn't know Renee was in Texas...(back to topic)
anyways, i'm finally doing really well in school, i have a great and amazing boyfriend, i'm going to Aquire The Fire, and she is still trying to blame me and find things to yell @ me for! last night, my
laundry had to be washed, dried, ironed, and hung up in my closet before i went to sleep! then that morning, dad was in a hurry to get to church and we were leaving the driveway, and she calls me back
into the house to pick up a peppermint wrapper off the floor..........ugh! my mom's a bi-polor freak Julie...i can't take it.
anyways, my life other wise is great everything that goes wrong, if i can't run to you, i can go to my i'm so lucky that i have 2 ppl to run most ppl don't even have 1 they can trust

anyways, w/b soon, i really miss you and i'm looking foward to your call.
i miss you and i love you,
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