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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2004 at 7:10pm
Current mood: grumpy
Music: Thrice-Kill Me Quickly
Subject: This Sux
today sucked. i woke up got online and then i was supposed to go to the movies but some ppl didnt get rides to the movies so we went to eat at mi casita, while the rest of the crew went to Turning Point Cafe. it was ok afterwards we went to the park and messed around. Caitlin and Geoff were all up on each other and to be honest it was kinda umconfortable. cuz its weird just being there with 2 other guy friends and the 3 guy friend is all up on his girlfriends grill. all hugging and stuff..but w/e they are going out and they are "in love" so yeah sure. and then we took of to harminee's house and her parents were there. so i just went in to mess around and becky and some other chicks were in there and becky just like yelled " What are you guys doing her?!" and i was about to yell F*ck but damn its not even her damn house and shes freakin kicking me out of it. i was pissed, and then they get a damn hose and they wet freakin sick here and they wet me....what the im coughing and my throat still hurts.....aww f*ck....i was actually going to get my soda and just dump it all over her..but she wouldnt come i just took off...then i come home and freakin gay Msn wont let me log on cuz of a gay error thing...and that pissed me off..and i can bearly swallow my own damn spit!!!! awwwww and i have seminary ( early mormon school thingy) tommorow..and i dont feel like going to it....i cant stand my throat hurting like hell....i dont want to go to the doctor either....thanx for wetting me with the hose becky.......i feel that this week is gonna suck all gonna be pissed off all damn week...
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