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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2004 at 9:58am
Current mood: angry...
Music: dashboard
Subject: grr....
ok kids....things with patty and corty are getting "better" but the way that he did that to so many girls makes me sick...i mean who am i to judge, and the way they talk to eachother its like they are not even being them selves or they are completely and i dont know either of them. he hasnt talked to me in cxomputer is down so i have to do this a schol and my period is about o end...i just had to explress my feelings. Im so angry and I feel betrayed and just.....ah i dont konw i love molly dee so much I miss her. she might come down here for my sisters birthday...ah i love her. and cars what a life saver...I love cort with a passion do not get me wrong.....I could never let her go...but ugh. i dont know. skrew it all. hooray for death...I think on my toumb (spelling) stone i want skrew it all. yes skrew with a K not a c i like the k way better. welll kids thanks for just listening. I love you all....please contact me if you need to just talk...i dont even have to know you. just talk.
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