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siyumai (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2004 at 7:30pm
Current mood: pissy
Music: None
Subject: ..
Justins a fucking bastard. He called me a newb twice on Furc and booted me out of the chatroom. Fuck him >_<

Mako: You can't generalize against someone by the way they talk -- that, dear, is geing a noob. No one else was around, and you summoned me -- I didn't come to that pathetic dream. F yourself.

Mako: Geing? Being.*

[ And just for the record, I summoned you because I was bored, and the dream is far from pathetic. We dont like people talking like noobs because noobs are immature and stupid, and I know your not either. So just lay off the noob act, please? ]

Mako: I'll act how I please, do not attempt to change me because neither of your simple-minded asses can't be mature, and handle it.

[ Then dont fucking come back, because neither of us are simple minded. We asked you a small favour because you were acting stupid. ]

Mako: Favor* Simple-minded*

[ ..Sorry that I didnt put a dash inbetween words. No one is perfect like you, dear. ]

That was fifteen minutes ago. He still hasnt answered me because hes an ass. I hope he burns in hell- thats where he belongs.
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