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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 2-11-2004 at 11:16am
i had to go home ealry yesterday sara came and picked me up just b4 my last block, i threw up in the nurses office, on the way home (right out of the Expedition window) and at sara's house....ugh. i had my period cramps SOOOO bad. it kinda scared me b/c i never get them to the point that i throw up...that much @ least. anyways....
i'm still laughing about that fat kid on the stairs that i
i'm supposed to be doing a lab right now...marine bio. this is the first yr. that valentines won't suck...oh...sorry lol. j/k babe. actually it sorta, but won't "suck"
Randy has to play @ a pep game that they university scheduled for some unknown reason...he has to be there @ 5. so it's like bring a date, pep game, day,...yeah. it's cool tho. i like hearing hime play and i like watching him do what he loves and makes him happy.
anyways my teacher's coming over here so lemme run
i love you, and i really miss you a lot.
forever and always
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