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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2004 at 5:14pm
Current mood: thoughtful
Music: The Ataris-My So Called Life
Subject: Loyalness Screws You Over lol
i was doing so thinking at school today. i was thinking bout like a year ago or so. i remember i met javier's current gf in a band trip. then we started talking to each other for a while and we kinda hung out. then her friends started to "hint" that erica liked me. then turns out on last years valentine's day i got a "love letter" in my binder and i read it and it had all this corny stuff and all that stuff. i didnt know who it came from though. so i just forgot bout it. i threw away the damn like 8 months ago. and i was wondering who put it in my binder. then this chick called jordan comes down to visit my friend harminee. her aunt and uncle live next or close to erica. and jordan talked to erica and she said that erica liked me all kinds. then i was thinking i could probably have gone for her....but turns out i wasnt willing to do that because one of my best friends Geoff, liked her a while back. turns out my other best friend javy went for it and he didnt care if geoff liked her or not. so basically i got screwed over by being loyal to one of my dammit...and i was basically thinking of that all doesnt that suck? oh well screw it what's done is was pretty koo and the Pep rally with the cheerleaders was koo....3 day week end and that gonna go over to geoffs tommorow to work on some riffs..and songs and all that good stuff...later
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