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holdme (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2004 at 8:34pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: Hey Lets Go: My Neighbor Totoro
Last night Anna spent the night. She said Ryan was saying that I was going to give him a hand job after school. This I never said and he never pressured me into. But apparently Ryan knows more about what I will do then I myself know. He lied. After our first try at a relationship, we said there would be no more lying...

Last night Anna said she wanted to go to the mall. She wanted to see if Ryan could really play DDR as well as he said he could. Neither of us had saw him play, not even Anna at all those LANs. So she pulled me along and we met Ryan at the Plaza. We took the bus up to Northtown Mall. We started to play DDR, come to find Ryan isn't good at all. Not at all. So here he is again....lying.

I'm sick of it. He lies to me/ABOUT me after he says he won't? This is bad. I's not like I care whether he is good at Dance Dance Revolution. He doesn't have to lie to impress me. That un-impresses me. And talking about me behind my back when it's NOT good? And then saying on the phone, "Oh, I never said that!" It's just bullshiat. I h a t e people lying to me. Especially people I love and take so dearly in my heart, such as Ryan. I just think he needs to think before he speeks. He has no idea how much it bothers me. And lying is the worst thing anyone could possibly do (emotional-wise)....

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