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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2004 at 9:56pm
Current mood: high
Music: yin yang twins- say i yi yi
me n bobbie r just chillin lol we're like hyper!!! lol ya taht's cuz were not were about to fall alseep i srry i lied lol i srry!!! heehee bobbie's thirsty n is buggin the shit outta me lol j/p. pj's hott lol i cant' believe james told him that! grrrrrr gonna hurt u !!!! lol neways i was talkin 2 brad then i'm like i got a ? n he's like i kno what it is n i'm like no u don't lol he's like ya say it n i'll tell if it was wat i thought n i go do u think it's about our break up or about me still likin u. he goes our break up n i go no! lol he was wrong!!! heehee i told him i still liked him lol then frank came over n he wouldn't talk to me nemore i hate frank. Today was pimp as hell we had a dance n i was dancin like a black chick lol it was funni then brandon was sad n i felt bad n asked him if he wanted to dance with us then bobbie yelled at me o well he was sad n i'm srry he was. n bobbie is buggin the shit outta me cuz she's readin everything i say out loud lol she won't stop n it's not kool. I'M AN IDIOT lol she said she was an idiot lol n i squished her boob lol omg were like fucked up right now o well i wanna tell u more but i'm kinda tired n i can't type when i'm tired lol u kno how many times i hit backspace all ready lol cuz i'm not lookin at the keyboard lol that was like 10 times right there heeeheee o well i guess i'ma go to bed now i'll ttyl HAPPY BDAY ELYSE N HAPPY VDAY 2 MY VALENTINE (I WISH IT WAS PJ) LOL o well hope he doesn't see it n bobbie wishes her valentine was brandon! lol bye luv ya ttyl mauhz

~LiL t
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