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GxIoNxA (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2004 at 2:05pm
Subject: Its been a week :(
Well its been a week since I last updated my journal. WOW! Last night was alot of fun.We went to this XLT thing over at Ressurection that was from 7-10:30 or so.It was fun after that. I went out to dinner with my 2nd family. It was alot of fun. I love them to death. Then I came home and went to bed at 12:00. This morning I woke up at 10:30-11:00. Went to Sams,Oldnavy, Petsmart and a couple other places.Then I came home and some guy fell off his scooter by my house but he was ok I guess he cut himself up pretty badly. Then tonight I'm going to dinner and the movies with some of my friends. (Dannielle,Anthony,Josh,Sherri,and some other people). So yeah thats been my last two days. O and Michelle is mad at me once again. But guess what I don't really care anymore.She can be mad at me all she wants to. I don't need her. SO yeah. If you need me call my cell 771-9851. bye bye
love yas
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