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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2004 at 9:40pm
Current mood: ecstatic...
Music: Kanon-Taste and See
Subject: Happy V-day guys!
Yesterday- most def one of the top 10 days of this u probably dont want to hear bout u...but oh sry u have 2! :P
so after easy day of softball headed home...walked in the door and my dad handed me an application for Hallmark telling me i could start working like next week...alright well in all my spare time ill work yea that whole 2 min of my week lol once softball ends id love to work there- its where ive wanted to work so yea that would be great...after mandys guitar lessons su hermano y madre y ella picked me up and we headed to PIERSON AND SAW CHIPPER JONES play in allumni or alluminum or whatever it is- (yea mandy stop making fun of me lol!) woohoo there were a lot of cute baseball boys there well that is if u kept that 100ft rule applied :)!! good times were had def! We got a "hug" from Chipper haha right mandy!?? and he signed my shirt and mandys card and we wont go to where mrs. lawrence wanted him to sign oh man hahaha...well anyway hes got a great smile lol then me and mandy headed to elli mae and katie's party...wooo was elli hyper- she got her bass!!!! woop woop! she'll have fun with that im sure! so hung out there for a lil- long enough to see a cake/icing fight...great stuff! then went home and slept a whole 9 was an amazing day indeed!
*This morning went to piano lessons and sucked royally..urgh no time to practice anymore...later candace came over to do FCAT with we knocked out like 20 stories between the 2 of us in like 3 hours...i swear that thing is the stupidest thing very glad me and candace worked together...very very glad! Tonight went with the family to some friends...great food, laughs, was parents were talking to one of our friends that was there- telling him i was looking for a car- well he remember his bro was selling a 98 Honda hes gunna bring it by hopefully next week for me to check it out...this could be it!!! :)17 days guys!! right on!
*No school monday!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaa!

*It's funny how u remember all of the smallest memories in life...*
He is good....all the time...
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