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twiztidclown (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 9:40am
Current mood: accomplished
well i pased physics :) i have a 2.613 GPA is that good ? i think it is , im in 4th semester now so thats all that matters . i have this one to finish and 5th to finish and i am done with LTI ! ya ! a mear 20 weeks left and i will have my assosiates degree :) . in 5 weeks ill have a 3 day weekend im pondering on comeing home , im not sure if i want to or not. idk if im ready to yet the whole fight with nichole is still lingering around and i dont want to have to put up with bull shit from her, or anyone assosiated with her that might say something to me about the situation.

well this weekend was a good one, my parents were down here to vist me and so was katie :) it was great to have her down here i miss her alot and a bunch of other ppl as well. but i missed her alot and when she said she was comeing down to vist me i was really happy , and this weekend really cheered me up for the most part bc of haveing them around , kt and i hung out friday with my parents u know just chilling talking finding out whats been up with each other lately. then friday night her and i went to a buddys house and partyed that was fun :) woke up saterday morning worked on my car damn near 5 hours but finaly got it down, kt and i went out on our date to Ricks
Café Boatyard" it was a real nice fancy resteraunt. then we went to get a movie to watch , went to my place had desert , i had a cake made for her that had a care bear on it bc she likes care bears and baby blue frosting on it bc that was her favorite color she really liked it and it was very good too. then we chilled and watched Dreamcatcher it was a good but fucked up movie lol , i liked it , it scared her a few times so she was all cuddeled up beside me , i couldnt help but chuckel. but all in all i thought it was a good weekend. i would like to have her come down again and she said she would like to again so maybe she will be back down sometime but idk . she did say she was comeing down here for graduation bc she wants to see me graduate , shes really proud of me i guess. well story time is over kiddies its nap time now here in nap-town , till about 1020 then i have mt strenghts class. PEACE
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