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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2002 at 1:43pm
Current mood: content
Music: Beloved; VNV Nation
I think the ny-quil finally wore off.

I spent the alert part of my day fending off the illness that crippled S. for the past few days. At 5, I took a double-dose of Ny-quil and turned in until 8:30. I've been groggy up til now.

It's an hour until my 'weekend' begins. Fortunately it won't be punctuated by yet another pointless meeting. I can just get home, sleep, clean, and prepare for the night.

R turns 21 tomorrow, and came into my job hell-bent to find the perfect venue. Fortunately the Monday night Karaoke scene downtown is pretty dead. Thank you, Bright Lady. She's settled on a few locations, which means I'm going drinking tomorrow night with people I don't know to please R. All in a days work. Hopefully I can find a gift for her as well.

Still stuck on the self-care issue. Hoping I can figure a solution to it. We'll see.

The writing assignment was done ahead of schedule. A rare first. It was fun listening in on a conversation about fake ID's and turning it into a 500 word soviet-era thriller. I think I'll like the course.

Listening to a lot of 'futureperfect' by VNV nation. It's definitely sparking me for ST. Hope it works out.

I need to find some spice for tea. Tea right now is difficult for me to drink properly because of my schedule. It deserves more respect than I've been able to give it, as does the company.

What does it say when one of the most delicious, tempestuous romances you've ever had has in effect never existed? Where does one put value on dreams?
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