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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 3:45pm
Music: fell in love with a boy-joss stone
@ 02-16-04 3:00am
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You know, if you would just stop bitching about how bad you have it, you may realize there is more to life than older guys who just want sex with younger girls, and that you have it alot better then most others.... Food for thought

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@ 02-16-04 3:01am
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Can you pity yourslf anymore? I mean goddamn shut the hell up

angry anonymous posts. i love when people think they know everything about a person just from one venting entry. i also love when they don't have enough balls to leave who they are. i'm also pretty sure it's the same person leaving these seeing as they were posted only a minute apart. for post #1, i'm not chasing older guys, and i do understand how good i have it. if you hadn't gotten the memo this IS a journal, the place where you're supposed to write your thoughts and vent. this is mine, this is what i want to write about, your opinions are shit to me...just some food for thought.
as for #2, did you know that you don't have to keep reading something you don't like? no i'm serious, you can actually hit the random journal button again and it will take you to a new place. so can you please stop acting like a hardass, no one cares.

anyway, this weekend turned out much better than expected. the dance wasn't too bad either. i saw once upon a time in mexico friday night. that movie is amazing, watch it if you haven't. hung out with lizz, dan and ben last night. good crowd of people, good things always happen when i'm with them.

well i have to go write my english paper. 'till then.

"you're an exception to the rule."
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