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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 7:48pm
Current mood: :|
Subject: ill run away with you
i saw 50 first dates with stef today.

it was cute, very sad though. the ending was bittersweet.

man i have the worst headache. i have had it for hours. it feels like my brain is expanding and contracting.

oh jesus we have school tomorrow. man i wish i didnt have to go anymore.

we have to critique our work in art. i hate that so much, because i cant take critisism lightly.

i hope everyone had a nice valentines day.

mine was alright.

i got paid 10 bucks for watching stef. i feel bad cause im a bitch to her.

my cousin scott and his girlfriend of 8 years broke up a few weeks ago. thats so crazy.

my whole family is relieved because hardly anyone liked her, whcih makes me feel really bad.
scott said they could be friends but she started harassing him so he just broke it off completely. how mad.

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